Friday, 20 June 2008

Farewell my love

Our alarm went off at 2.30am and we took Fliss to Heathrow for her South American trip.
She looks happy and confident. I hope her adventures in Argentina, Brazil, Mexico (and maybe a bit of Belize and Guatemala thrown in) are fun and above all end with my baby back happy and in one piece.
I didn't have expectations of ribbons at Sandown so was happy to hear of a third place bed quilt and a judge's merit.

I can't find a photo of this quilt finished, this is a small bit before washing out the marking lines.


  1. Congratulations:¬}

    Your baby will return. When our son did his backpacking adventure I panicked whenever *anything* happened within a 1000 mile radius of where we thought he would be, sat with my nose glued to the news bulletins and eventually welcomed home a rather smelly, brown unkempt creature who washed up quite nicely. Fortunately girls being slightly more civilised than boys, your baby will come home looking and smelling more like a human being :¬}

  2. Congratulations on you Sandown entries!
    Your daughter will have a whale of a time and be home soon.:o)