Monday, 9 June 2008

Sun protection

Having two sisters with skin cancer and as I'm the one who grew up in Australia I don't suppose I shall escape it, I want to recommend this product. I don't work for them, know who the owners are or have any connection with the manufacturers but I do know it works!
It's now called Bergaderm and used to be called Proderm (and for all I know still is in some countries). We first used it in the tropics. We put on the factor 30 on the first day, went swimming, towel dried etc and none of us had any colour on our skins at all. So the next day DD and DH went down to Factor 15 and I went down to Factor 8 next evening still no colour on our skins at all. The following day I used no protection and DH and DD used the factor 8 again. Nothing happened. No colour. The next day I got burnt with an oil based sun tan cream.
The Bergaderm really does stay on. I'm not recommending anyone only uses it every other day but that's how long it took for it to go from my skin, despite snorkelling and showering.
When we left I saw a mother with a pair of red haired babies. I offered to give her what we had left. She then told me they had already been there for 2 weeks and were going home on the same flight and she had put it on these babies.
It's lovely stuff and though expensive as you only need to use it once a day, it works out quite cheap.
I've just bought some for Fliss to take to South America from the Sunshine Health Shop
It used to be for sale in Boots and Waitrose but I couldn't find it this year.


  1. Thanks for the tip - its's not that much more expensive than other good brands.

  2. And the good news was, I ordered it by phone just before I wrote this post and it arrived 1st thing this morning. I forgot to say it's suitable for people with skin problems and sensitive skins.