Thursday, 22 May 2008

Fliss is fine -updated

For those of you worried about Fliss and the bomb in Exeter, she is fine. Apparently the news at the moment is it was a nail bomb and one person is injured.

Update. It appears the only person hurt was the one with the bomb. One report has said it was a nail bomb. Another report said it went off in the toilets. Fliss has said the restaurant is a glass cube.

Further update.
Report from the BBC here
Seems rather sad


  1. heard it on the radio as I walked in, pleased to hear Fliss is ok.

  2. Sadly it seems like these fanatics will stop at nothing and use any tactics available to try and wreak havoc. Sometimes down here in the West Country we can be a little complacent - possibly a good wake up call for us all to be a bit more vigilant - shame it's had to come to this though