Saturday, 1 November 2008

Back again-sort of

Did I tell you I got attacked by the shower in the overnight hotel from the flight delay? The shower head jumped out of it's socket and slammed into my wrist. It immediately came up blue and swollen. I applied pressure and then ice for a couple of hours. It's fine now except for a little pain on twisting the wrist.
Then this week I've been bent double with stomach ache. Steph had been booked for Wednesday last week but again because of the flight she re booked for this week on Thursday. I had planned to set her loose on the dining room when DH announced the night before that he wanted the table for paperwork. (He has a desk but that is otherwise in use at the moment). Change of plan meant Steph started on our bathroom. So this means I have nothing to do but the doorbell rings and I had just not checked my calender. A lady I had booked months ago came for some quilting lesson (I don't charge but I did feel guilty). I had to fit her into my sewing room but it took a good 20 minutes to make some space.
Needless to say the house was like a bomb had gone off. Stuff from the emptied airing cupboard, the emptied bathroom, normal maintenance had gone by the wayside due to being bent double with pain....... I want to climb into a hole.
On the up side, a new baby is on it's way and will need a quilt. I saw something like this in a magazine but didn't like it too much as the jigsaw effect was too even. So I've had a little play with QuiltPro and come up with this idea. On one of the email groups I belong to I asked for some baby sayings which I shall use in the quilting.

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  1. I like your version of a puzzle quilt. I guess the round tabs would be appliqued?