Sunday, 2 November 2008

It functions but it doesn't look pretty

Part of the reason I need to declutter is not everything has a place it can be put away. One of the results is we always have tons of stuff out on the counter in our bathroom. Stef has said (she has become our Guru) we need baskets for our things which we put away after using. So as DH has less stuff than mine I made him a container for his stuff.
I'm sure there's a book out there but I just wanted to get started.
So I cut out five 6" squares of iron on (both sides) buckram. I ironed this fabric to both sides. and stitched with two passes of zigzag four of the squares to the base.

I then zigzagged down one side with the base folded outward. This was sort of OK for the first side but it was awkward.
The next three sides I stitched with the base folded inwards. It was a little better but still awkward.

Then zoomed round the top with two rows of stitching to finish.

It works but it doesn't look wonderful and it took ages. So sometime during the week we are off to Ikea to buy some of their ready made containers. (My life is too short to do this sort of thing.)
Did I tell you we had snow last week? Not a lot but it hung round for over 24 hours and it's the first time it has snowed in the south of England in October for 75 years.


  1. we keep having a declutter but it is always followed by a reclutter!! consequently l have spent the morning looking for a spool of copper wire which is determined not to be found! we missed the snow up here in the midlands but suspect it won't be long before we see some.

  2. I've found the only way to declutter is to trim family memebrs living in the house! :-) It also helps that there is a home for everything in the house -- its not always in its home, but it has one (and its in a cupboard/drawer not on a surface....)

  3. Other than reducing family members (above) , I am constantly trying to find ONE product that can be used instead of 2 or 3 others.

  4. You are so right...some things are definitely worth paying someone else to make, if only to reduce your frustration! Yes, there's definitely a book out there on this sort of thing, but even seeing it demo'd, it looked like there's no way around the awkwardness.