Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Did I get sewing done?

No, I still have no firm idea as to what to do with that final border. So I've started a sewing room clear out.
I have two sisters both much older than me. One lives on a Greek island, the other in London. The London sister is going over to the Greek sister next week and Greek sister needs a sewing machine.
I'll send over either this Elna Stella or
this Elna Lotus. I'm just seeing which works the best for her.

And these are the ones I'm saying goodbye to forever. The black box at the back has an Elna Grasshopper. (I'll post a photo later) And the two which look like old fashioned school bags are Favta Darlings.

Take a good look at these babies as you'll probably never see one again, let alone two of them. They are very small German made machines. That isn't a knee lift, it's the drive you use instead of a foot control.


  1. Oh, a Favta. I have a Favta but it is missing a belt or something.
    Here is a link to my pictures:
    My Favta

    I'm not sure how to do an active link, but you can cut and paste

  2. Well, you beat me, I only have 2 sewing machines! I remember my mother's old Singer which had a knee lift. I could never get used to the knee-operated needle lift on my Pfaff, as I always tried to use it to sew instead of life the needle up and down.

  3. Your sister will be very lucky to receive one of your old machines. The old ones are still quite good. I love your joke on AQL about your Greek boyfriend thinking you made kilts:-)

  4. Wow! love those machines. I have 3 plus my grandmother's old Treadle Singer.