Sunday, 30 November 2008

Up to the cottage

We went up yesterday for a fleeting visit to our cottage (our tenant, sadly for them and us lost his rent allowance from the army). This wonderful abbey ruin is just down the road. Tintern Abbey was built in the 12 century. See more photos and a bit of it's history here

Still no stitching but I am getting very very organised with the help of Steph.......
It's become a revelation how much easier life is once there is a place for everything.


  1. Ah yes, a place for everything and everything in its place. My only problem is I don't remember where that place is. I always mean to keep a notebook handy and write down where each catagory is being stored.

  2. spent time at Tintern Abbey at a bike rally a few years ago, bad hayfever stopped me going out with the others so once I felt a bit better, I walked down to the abbey for the afternoon only to find that Ian had taken the camera with him on the bike

  3. Hi Sally
    we kayaked passed Tintern Abbey a few years ago when camping the Wye. I remember we got the tides wrong and it was a bit hairy when we got to Chepstow - had to hang onto the pontoon for about an hour before we could get out. Ahh happy days. Wish I had the will power to have a clear out and get organised.
    Brenda in the Boro