Tuesday, 18 November 2008

So silly

Shopping is a dangerous sport. All I had to do today, was a quick whizz round the supermarket, visit a friend in hospital, and stitch the last border on the quilt. Somehow I've managed to trap a nerve in my shoulder so I can't sew nor drive.
I saw others are putting these jigsaws on their blogs so here's one of mine. It's a quilt I made years ago for a charity raffle.
Click to Mix and Solve


  1. Goodness Sally! Hope you mend quickly and get back to creating those gorgeous feathers!

  2. Get well soon!! BTW thats the first jigsaw that I have done in years :-)

  3. 9 minutes 13 seconds - i'm pants at jigsaws!

    Hope your shoulder improves soon

  4. I was so slow, 12 min 7 sec. I haven't done a puzzle in a LONG time. Thanks, it was fun to play.

  5. Sally, you get yourself better, okay? We need to drool over some more of your beautiful creations.
    And thanks for the jigsaw puzzle of your quilt! I do the Jigzone puzzles daily (and often do some in the 'extras', too). But it was really fun to get to do your quilt one. Eve in Georgia

  6. Sally, Sorry about your shoulder. I'd offer to sew and shop for you but since we're not on the same continent I don't think that'd help much.

    I'll have to come back to check out the puzzle, it's blocked here at work.