Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Never Never Never Give Up

I got this lovely stone box a few weeks ago and thought it applicable. I never realised how applicable until this border.

I had problems when I reached the 2nd corner before we went away. I had thought the colours had reversed (which they had) also the direction of the longer and shorter corner pieces (which hadn't). I also hadn't taken into account the fact I was doing a mirror image of the original drawing (big duh! and waste of time) and then I took the 45 degree seam in the striped fabric and got the stripes going horizontally instead of vertically.
But I kept going and now, quite literally I've turned a corner, LOLS.

I've just found the "Never never never give up" is a World War 2 quote from Winston Churchill. It still applies to me in my little way.


  1. Good Grief! Well sorted out and congratulations on such uber patience; it's looking brill.

  2. Congrats! It looks great! I love the polkadot border

  3. I well remember that clever border but was intriged how it would actually flow together at the corners. Congrats on figuring it out. It IS a winner!

  4. Looking good Sally - will be spectacular when finished - the patience was well rewarded!

  5. It's a great quote. Wouldn't it be nice if people included a note with things that have quotes on telling you where they come from. Then again is it only us who are sad enough to want to know :)

  6. Your work is beautiful. You have created a masterpiece.

    THank you for your words of wisdom and I respect your views as they are very true and wise, we do tend to lie a lot to protect our loved ones. But I have explained to her what a myth is regarding unicorns and will let her imagination run wild...the fat dude in red & the furry little bunny we will deal with when the time is right.

    Thank you