Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Bu***r!!!!! Drama at Toad Hall.

So it came out of the washer and the newest Berol marks did NOT wash out!!!!!!
Put it through the washer three more times, still some residual marks!!!!!
It's on the latest marking I'd done so the ink in that last pen is dodgy. I've been using these pens for 15 years without problems (except once I had to wash a quilt twice but that had been lying around for a few years prior to finishing).
I left it in soak in the bath overnight and it seems OK at first inspection. I put it on a spin cycle and now it's on a rinse cycle as I write. I'm sure if I had used a biological cycle it would have come out first time but I don't want those enzymes eating the wool batting....
My lovely Fliss keeps stroking my arm to calm me down. She's been there, done that with a giant button she sculpted for her A level art piece. It was fine, she worked on it for weeks, it went through the first firing well and exploded on the higher temperature firing for the glaze. They still marked it well for her exam, however you can't put a quilt in a show with the quilting lines showing.....


  1. If it still doesn't come out (and I really hope the soak has done it) call Berol. They may be able to tell you what will remove it. Or at least what has changed. If not I am sure we will find a solvent for it.

  2. Try to keep cool... *!?@!!!!!

    Is there anything that you could use to treat the pen lines only, as a pre-wash treatment? I haven't had to do a rescue like this, but would it possible to literally paint on a liquid bio liquid along the lines only, then wash it to get them out, then wash straight away in non bio to get rid of any residue?

    Perhaps someone on QWISE will have a better suggestion. Is it really THAT bad? Photos?

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  4. Goodness, Sally, what a shame----I am sure that it will come out OK
    Deep breaths-----good luck-----do let us know!