Tuesday, 28 April 2009

I love this

Remember when I started painting this water damaged bargain bed I got on Ebay?
Well, It's done and we're sleeping in it now. We feel like minor royalty. A couple of bits need touching up from assembling it, but I love it!

And now I know more about mattresses than anyone who doesn't work in the industry needs to know. Memory foam? been there, Latex, been there too, pocket springs, oh yes, synthetic fillings, wool fillings, combinations of all the above? Oh yes, I've tried and tested most. The mattress we've settled on cost an arm and a leg but worth every penny. Vi Spring is the crème de la crème and worth every single penny.

And this is the 'after' photo of the old dressing table. Very pretty now.


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  1. A little paint can really transform some tired furniture!