Tuesday, 21 April 2009

I want/need my bedroom back and some evil things

I found these evil things in one of the freezer drawers left over from Christmas. I should have just put them in the trash, but they just looked too good...
We've ordered a mattress for the bed but as it is made to order it will take a few weeks to arrive. Nonetheless Steph is coming tomorrow, we shall assemble the new bed and put the current one in store in the garage (does anyone except a few anally retentive males use their garage for cars?) We'll put the current mattress on the new bed even though it's a foot too small. I have two coats of primer on the black dressing table and just love this look. I have found a product, Zinsser, which you can paint on almost any surface without pre-priming, sealing or sanding. So if you find any furniture you think will look good with a coat of paint, then just slap this on first.


  1. LOL at "evil things"! That totally cracked me up as I have more than once had my dieting plans run straight off the rails by a hidden werthers hard candy discovered in the pocket of a hoodie. One candy led to a carb grazing, etc., etc., etc.,.