Friday, 17 April 2009

When someone gives up quilting

When someone gives up quilting there's quite a lot of stash to be rid of. Bit by bit my friend has been giving her books and fabrics to the local quilt group who make charity quilts and have small events to raise money for charities. I think yesterday I took away the last of her stash, two huge bags of fabrics, 3 large boxes of books and 3 large bats.
Idly I looked into one of the fabric bags, (luckily we don't share the same taste in fabric or my own stash would have grown) and I saw all the wonderful Japanese fabrics she had collected over the years. These are the very specialist ones which are woven on narrow looms. I have agreed with my friend to try and find a buyer for these and the money to go to charity. If you are interested, email me. Some bits are very small and some a few metres.

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