Tuesday, 14 April 2009

I love April

The apple blossom is out. It only opened today with the warm sunshine.
I just wish you could smell this heavenly viburnum.

The prehistoric looking ferns are raising their fronds. In a few weeks the soil will disappear under their canopies.

My sister gave me this small acer tree five years ago. It will reach a maximum size of about 15', at the moment it is about 7', over the season it turns a gentle green and then back to this sparkling cerise in autumn.

No quilting for you at the moment. Tomorrow is a Steph day and on Thursday I will be blocking the quilt.


  1. Thanks for the signs of spring in your yard.

  2. It really is amazing what a difference a few hundred miles make in the way the seasons go---you are so-o-o much ahead of us :-)

    Your Acer is lovely!