Wednesday, 8 April 2009


Well the soaking worked, in fact it's worked so well it's removed most of the Pigma pen I used to mark the label... no problem, I can re-do this. Though in future I might stick to stitching my name.

And here's a better photo of my lovely Fliss with the dreamboat Zac Efron. A boy so pretty, I'd just love to be a teenager again.


  1. Oh I'm so glad. I went away from your last post trying to think of alternatives that might possibly work, but the problem is happily solved. I shall look forward to seeing it at Foq (?) and I promise, promise, promise, I won't be checking for lines!!

  2. So glad the soaking worked - I have quilts that I marked quilts in silver pencil, years ago, that have been washed and washed and washed and the pencil is still there - I don't mind because these are domestic quilts and not ones going to a big show like FoQ. It must be a big worry for anyone showing a quilt. Some of the new markers just wont stay long enough for you to work on the quilt and others will just not wash out....

  3. The Quilt---I am so glad, Sally, what a relief for you!

    Fliss-------so pretty, you must be proud!

    The young man -------looks a honey!

  4. Glad the soaking worked...and great pic of your daughter... :o)

    My DD1 is sooo jealous :o)