Sunday, 14 October 2007

Floribunda has put a photo up of my quilt hanging at the Pacific International Quilt show and has a link to her album of photos taken there.
Sinclair is as pleased as punch he has a quilt on almost every sofa for him. I'm determined those cream sofas shall stay that colour until they get up to the cottage despite his best efforts. I got a little more packing done yesterday of the delicate stuff. And today I'm visiting Costco for industrial strength cleaning stuff. This is all taking time away from the business of quilting.

DD came home for a flying visit (the funeral of one of her teachers sadly). It was lovely to have her home if only for one night and a quick shopping spree in TK Max. Her order was placed for duck a l'orange (luckily I had some of the sauce ready in the freezer) and a roast chicken dinner. Mums still have our uses (grin).

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  1. Hi Sally
    Sinclair looks very comfortable I must say! what a lovely cat.

    Mum's always do have their uses to their daughters, thank goodness! We have to make do with sharing our sons with girlfriends and wives!