Monday, 15 October 2007


Twenty years ago tomorrow Britain suffered a hurricane.
We are not in a region which normally suffers from them. The TV at the moment is full of stories of how it affected people.
So here's my story. We lived in a big Victorian house at the time with cast iron fireplaces. The fireplaces in the bedroom had a cast iron flap for closing when you didn't have a fire going. This flap is heavy and apparently it flapped up and down all night making a huge racket. I say apparently, as I slept through it whilst DH lay there worrying (grin). We woke to find our fences damaged and the roof of our shed had gone. We were lucky, a huge oak tree in next doors garden came down, we were lucky because it fell away from our house and not into our bedroom.
The BBC's version is here


  1. I must admit I was up in Yorkshire then so it didn't affect us directly but I vividly remember the media photos of Sevenoaks turning into Oneoaks

  2. Hi Sally
    We were in the thick of it in Surrey and my hubby was kept very busy the following day organising things at the Forestry Commission where we live. We heard the trees breaking in the wind all night, well I say we, he did, I slept through it, must be a woman thing!
    I hope you don't mind but I have tagged you - see my blog for details. Hope you'll participate - it is just for fun!