Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Sights in my garden this morning

Looking out of the window this morning I saw this bird on the roof of our garden shed. By the time I found my camera she had disappeared but luckily I saw her (him?) again later. I think it's a grouse (looks very like the one on the Famous Grouse bottles of Scotch) but I live in a town (though we do have a nature reserve done the road) and I always think of grouse living in Scotland.
I love the way water droplets look like crystals on these leaves.

I have set up a separate blog "Flying Away" for any of my works which are available.


  1. It's difficult to say from the photo but I think it's a hen pheasant Sally. Unless you have some heather moor anywhere near you I'd be very surprised indeed if it were a grouse and from the picture it's feet aren't fluffy enough for a grouse

  2. Love the leaf photo! I notice the drops on leaves too, in fact, I've taken to spraying them before taking photos as they look so good with drops - bit of a cheat I know!