Friday, 5 October 2007

Good news and another dragon cake

I heard today Peace#1 won the Wholecloth Award at the Scottish Quilt Championships in Edinburgh. Yeah!!
Now it's time to retire it from showing, I'm thinking of selling it. What do you think of the idea of setting up a parallel blog for selling quilts? Good idea or not?

I know people say they find working in an immaculate workroom works with their creative energy but I've just wasted and hour and a half looking for my little Clover iron. I did clear up the right hand side of my sewing table in the process but now my cutting board is submerged again. Guess what I'll be doing tomorrow after grabbing DH as photographer?

A lot of my time over the next few weeks shall be spent house dressing (and maybe decorating). No we're not moving but selling what was going to be our retirement home. We've just found long distance management beyond us. I only hope when the time comes we can find a house which suits us just as well. And that the state of the housing market over here isn't affected too much by the US sub-prime mortgage fiasco. Today I bought bright fluffy towels for the bathrooms and heaven help anyone who uses them before we sell! Pillows for the new beds, though I've yet to find the beds (gulp). It will be a challenge to 'do' the house up for sale and stick within a very tight budget. If it doesn't sell I'm thinking I might run quilting retreats from there.

Here is another one of DD's birthday cakes by Steph. She went through a phase of dragons. Now our house is cholesterol free just looking at these cake photos makes me hungry. These cakes tasted as good as they looked.

As so many of you find my blog looking for dragon cakes the other one is here


  1. Well done, Sally for the Edinburgh award! ( not remotely surprised though :-) ). I had fully intended to get there but other things got in the way!
    As someone else has said these cakes are truly wonderful.

    Good luck with the house hunt!

  2. Congrats on the quilt award!

    The dragon cake has my favorite color arrangement like a rainbow. Wasn't it hard to cut into it and "ruin" it?

  3. good luck with the cottage and selling it. If I lived there I would buy it!!! the cakes are awesome..are they cupcakes underneath? are they marzipan or buttercream frosting? I love them!!