Monday, 8 October 2007

Technical hitch #2

Do you sometimes think you are not supposed to be doing something?
I duly got DH on standby as my photographer on Saturday morning, but all the photos have to be 'fiddled' with considerably in Photoshop so you can see the pencil lines.
This is taking quite a bit of time and time is something I'm more than a little short of this week. This is the sort of block you'll be able to design.

The new sofas have arrived a week early. It's a good job our sitting room is spacious as it now has four large sofas, two exceedingly large arm chairs and two foot stools.

All this shopping does have a purpose. We're selling our cottage and rather than selling it cold and empty we're furnishing it House Doctor style. (Though I have always done this even before they did TV programs on it.)
The sofa delivery men had loads of packaging in the back of their van so I asked and they off loaded it and it wasn't until I tried to actually get it into the house I found the true volume of what I'd been given. I now am the proud owner of about 2 cubic yards (or more) of bubble wrap, foam etc.

I can just squeeze round the side to get out the front door, but how we shall get upstairs tonight I haven't a clue (grin).


  1. That pile of bubble wrap is too funny!

  2. Wow...

    Good thing we live so far 4 year old would want to pop all those bubbles! Can you imagine...BANG BANG BANG :o)

  3. OK, I have to ask. What are you planning to do with all that Bubble Wrap? I just can't get my mind around a project that big.

  4. Hi Sally
    Many thanks for your comment on my blog. Looks like you've really got your hands full. Not too much time for the creative stuff.
    Nice to know somenoe on the circuit who lives round the corner!
    I'm very new to all this, but thoroughly enjoying the buzz!
    Your profile statament really made me smile, I'm at that dangerous age too!

  5. My, but that is a big living room you have there! Like the new sofas. Have linked to your blog with a thank you for the tip on machining with the bottom half of an embroidery hoop. Hope this is ok.

  6. Wow, your room is gorgeous, like something from House & Garden! Love the sofas, but then I just love anything brown! We have leather sofas too and always get car seats with leather - vomit proof when you have kids, I always say! :)