Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Technical hitch

The best laid plans.....
I was there this morning drawing it up for you, trying to take the photos with my left hand whilst my right hand drew AND held the ruler or pair of compasses and found my hand left hand isn't big enough to reach the button to actually take the photo!
I can take photos easily one handed with my right hand but the button is on the wrong side to do it left handedly.
So if DH has the energy tonight I'll use him as camera man but quite honestly he gets back from work so late I doubt he'll have the energy until the weekend.
I'm sorry I don't like to let you down. I wish I'd bought on of the tripods with the bendy legs, that would have worked.
So what will cheer you up? How about some nice cakes made by my friend Steph for various birthdays of my DD. They are worth clicking on to see them full sized.
cherub cakeCherub Cake
dragon cakeDragon cake
the other dragon cake is here

Butterfly cake
castle cakeCastle cake
The guy at the bottom is supposed to by McDreamy from Grey's Anatomy (grin)


  1. How the heck did she do the dragon, it is amazing?

  2. Lovely cakes - what a good idea using the tealights for the candles

  3. I think the dragon is my favourite - absolutely amazing!The Wittering Rainbow

  4. I have most of the tools you posted earlier and will wait patiently until you post the directions. Quilters are by nature very patient people. If there is something quilty and interesting about to happen we will wait for a long time. I'm looking forward to seeing what you post.