Saturday, 23 August 2008

another reason to have a practise piece

is to try out new things. I've used something like a longarm technique (I have no idea how they do it) but I liked the effect. I went up the left side first and by the time I got to go down the right it got better.
What I don't like is the time it takes, but I'll do it any way. If it can look this good on precious scraps stitched together, I just know it will be fantastic on the quilt.


  1. WOW!!!
    I just LOVE all your quilting.......I have the samples you sent me as an RAK on my design wall and they inspire me everyday!

  2. I think your feather is lovely and goodness knows how you get thoses tiny circles so even. Well hell! I would just like to own the practise piece.
    Robyn Kirk NZ

  3. Your work is very impressive! I haven't had a chance to put my new longarm through its paces, but I can barely conceive of accomplishing this type of work.

  4. Um, could you explain that one a bit please! Up one side and down the other while free machining. Probably I'm being thick but, as someone who only uses free machining these days, I would love to know if there's a way of getting a better effect. Ta.

  5. ooh, lovely quilting and that fabric looks so soft and satiny. gorgeous practise piece. I'm sure the final quilt is going to be gorgeous as well.

  6. how do you transfer this design to your fabric before you stitch or do you just stitch without a mark?