Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Foundation piecing, more,

Both these were bought in a sale, I can never resist a bargain.
I used to use this when foundation piecing, right next to my sewing machine with a small rotary cutting mat to one side. (You can tell I'm English by all the tea stains on it)
I bought it originally to take to class, but I don't do classes any more. It used to have a handle on the end but I cut it off to fit it in my portfolio bag.

I would still use this for larger foundation units.

This little Omnigrid one is perfect for what I'm doing at the moment. Now I know how useful it is, I would have happily paid full price.

Just open it out and there you have a small cutting mat and ironing surface.

One of the least favourable bits about foundation piecing is the wastage.

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  1. Ouch, you really shouldn't have that much waste. I have very little when I foundation. I guess we should make that another project day :)