Friday, 22 August 2008

Heide's Quilt-started

I decided I didn't need to reinvent the wheel. This was one of the ideas I'd had for the strippy quilt. I discarded it because repeated seven times would have looked messy but as a single unit it's fine. This is the extent of the marking, just the spines and the lobe of the feathers where it branches off. I did this on Tuesday.
Today I started with a little warm up on leftover pieces from the strippy. This was to make sure the tension was right and the branching feathers worked the way I'd hoped.

At the FOQ, the white gloved people were occupied turning the quilt to see the back. I think people were disappointed as with such a busy backing and such fine bobbin thread (Bottomline), there isn't much to see. If you click on this you should just be able to see the back and it's thread.

The journey starts with the first stitch at 11.30am this morning, by 6.30pm ( and a short lunch break, I got this far. I hope you can see it clearly when you click on it. Tonight I'll bury the threads.


  1. is absolutely beautiful. I just adore this piece of fabric.

  2. Gorgeous fabric, gorgeous stitching- I'm drooling. The two really do complement each other.

  3. By gum, but you're a quick worker. I have a similar piece of fabric from Heidi that I can't bring myself to cut up! I have a few ideas, but mostly I just look at it. I'm very interested to see how this goes, but imagine you'll have it finished by this afternoon, so hope I don't miss it!!