Wednesday, 20 August 2008


My friend is house sitting for some friends of hers whilst they are on holiday. They have a few of one of my favourite breeds of cattle. I love Dexters, they look like normal cows but smaller. They are dual purpose beef and dairy animals and are famous for their ability to virtually being able to live on concrete. They're about the same height as Great Dane dogs. See the hand on the right of this photo to get an idea of scale. Most of them are black but occasionally there are red ones too.

They are often kept as pets, make good meat and good milk. From what I heard when I thought of getting one, the bulls are difficult to handle far more so than their bigger counterparts.

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  1. Does she have to feed and milk the herd too? Sounds like an unusual house-sitting! I've been looking for cows near me all this year. There were some close by last year and DH and I passed them at the start of a long walk so I decided to sketch them another day and needless to say they disappeared from that day on!