Wednesday, 6 August 2008

no actual stitching

But I have been drafting my next quilt (I should really go back to the wholecloth, but that can wait a while)
Meanwhile on my personal war against the squirrel, Sally 10 - Squirrel 1
He came up with a different idea. He thought he could jump from the chair onto the greased pole higher up. Well, he did but just had time to turn round before he slipped to the ground. Even if I weren't feeding the birds, I would continue with this as it's so much fun defeating the evil little beastie.


  1. You know, being that I am going through that "special time" in a woman's mid-life, I would find this sport endlessly satisfying.

  2. That is one smart squirrel. Perhaps he will come back with some gloves that stick to grease.