Friday, 29 August 2008

Appliqué for those who don't like Appliqué (method 1)

First I starched the fabric within an inch of it's life.
I cut a 6 1/2" circle. I have these lovely circle rulers but using a saucer or something else round would work just as well. Just draw round it and cut with scissors.
I starched this stripe fabric (so you could see the bias when it's done but also because it looks cool). I cut a 1 inch bias strip and handling it gently, I pressed it in half. (Be very careful not to stretch it)

It stitched it on to the circle using my 1/4" foot. I guided it gently round the curve stitching slowing using a small stitch length.

I finger pressed it back.

Then pressed it properly with the iron. My little iron on a stick would have been good to do this.
Then I pressed the back flat.

Centred it on a 9" square of navy fabric. Pinned it in place. Then stitched in the ditch between the bright orange material and the striped bias. I could have left it like that with the bias fabric adding a little dimension to the piece.

But I decided to hem it down. I used stitch 45 on my Aurora which is a blanket stitch. (One stitch forward, one to the side). You could use a very narrow zigzag instead. When you get your 'eye' in after one or two of these you can narrow the stitch down even further. Use an open toed foot so you can see what you are doing.

Easy isn't it?


  1. Sally, I like your bias circle very much. I've just joined a group called Crazy Quilting Revisited and I think there may be a few circles in my next block! Thanks

  2. Again, a very interesting explanation.... I liked watching the photos unfold, thank you! I like the orange material too and think it looks really good on your background blue.