Friday, 29 August 2008

Appliqué for those who don't like Appliqué (method 2)

Treat the fabric the same as before (you can see the flakes of starch on this one) Centre it in place on your background fabric and pin in position.
Using small stitches stitch the bias directly onto the circle. Again stitch slowly using your 1/4" foot.

With this way you need to cut back the fabric. Roll the background fabric out of the way.
I cut about half way between the seam and the edge.

Press it outwards as with the previous post and machine hem down in the same way.

Both these methods take about the same amount of time. What you save in not doing the extra stitching of the first method, you lose in the time spent cutting. In the first method the circle is slightly raised and in the 2nd the bias edge is raised.
With both methods you could cut away the background fabric to give less to quilt through. Or you could cut a slice through and add a circle of batting to raise the appliqué. Or even just cut a circle of batting and use some 505 spray or glue stick it to the back. (either should wash out).

I'm wondering whether to do more like this or do some with navy circles and bright background fabrics.
BTW I gave in trying to find the QuiltPro and have bought another copy. No doubt the disk will show up now..........


  1. good stuff. And I bet you thought I wasn't paying attention.

  2. Thanks so much for your tutorials. I am a long time sewer/quilter and you teach me so much. Keep up the good work. I love your quilting.

    Hanging on in Baton Rouge, Louisiana