Sunday, 20 April 2008

Another stash purchase

I couldn't resist these Moda marble charms when Hancocks of Paducah lowered the price to $4.98, so I bought 8 of them.
And they came in these cool little tins.

But my biggest purchase was this. Not a lot cheaper buying 25yds at a time but it does avoid most of the creasing of packed batting.

Am I the only quilter in the world with a batting stash in addition to a fabric stash? This is the stuff I keep on hand in the sewing room. I also have batting up in the loft and now I have to find space for the roll. I thought it would arrive in a 108" roll, but it is folded in half thank heavens. It should be OK in the garage with the proviso it will fit back in it's plastic bag after having bits cut off it...
One of the many jobs on my list is to tidy this lot up, but I find when it is tidy, it's more prone to fall down....


  1. Sally, I have been quilting for almost 2 years; my father gives me all of his scrap pieces of material (they are beginning to get low). I can only dream of having that much batting available in my sewing room. How fabulous for you. I am in love with your blue quilt below. It is beautiful. Great job. Enjoy your quilting.

  2. No, I only have one-third as much as I see in your picture, and none in the garage. I think I'm going to get rid of some old poly. I love wool nowadays.

  3. Hi Sally, I've been trying to catch up with your blog (lots of posts while I've been away without much internet access). Lots of lovely feathers and some interesting cakes.

    Doesn't look that messy to me. Especially as I can't talk about mess LOL (well I have NO batting so my mess is purely fabric and scraps and UFO's)

  4. I have a stash of batting too. I just got a roll of 120" heirloom because I can never find king size batting when I need it. I still have part of a roll of 96" as well as several packages picked up on sale. I probably have enough to finish all of the quilts I have in progress.