Sunday, 6 April 2008

This just doesn't happen here

or if it does, not in April.
This was taken at 7.30 after the first ten minutes

Then half an hour later
I love how pretty the bird feeder looked

Trees look magical
Even the chain link fence by the stream looks pretty
Of course Fliss had to make a snowman.


  1. I was so excited, jumped out of bed, opened the curtains and..... no snow :( now I know why, it's all in your garden :)

  2. we were white at 6am, the rest of the weather report from norfolk is on my blog!

  3. We escaped the snow. we just had hail in south wales

    love and hugs xxx

  4. When my daughter lived in England she said snow storms were a rare thing. They were happy to have one since my grandson remembered snowmen from here. I hope you didn't lose any of your early plants.

  5. It is beautiful! The blue is very pretty, & the quilting is just amazing.
    The snow sure looks pretty, but it also looks rather cold!