Monday, 21 April 2008

Missing Quilt

CR*P day!!!!!!!
I read the instructions for the French Show and it says the quilt must not have been exhibited before except in your region. Does showing a photo on my blog rather than exhibiting the quilt itself count?
And today I was going to steam 'When Heide met Sally' to send off to a show. I have been searching high and low for 7 hours, I can't find it. I'm hoping against hope that it's like when you look in the fridge for the tomato sauce and it's right there in front of you but you can''t see it.
I've emptied the quilt bags four times now and unfolded all the quilts, but I cannot find it. It's the quilt I use on my masthead of this blog and to my mind is the best quilt I've made. Not as good as I hope to make but the best so far.....

1 comment:

  1. Can you explain what you do when you steam a quilt? I've never heard of that before.