Wednesday, 23 April 2008

It's warm

Yesterday Ferret came over with her quilts and spring firmly arrived. The temperature went up to 70ºF and we sat in the sunshine on our t shirts. Whilst we we outside Marion rang asking about getting Ferret to quilt the top she's made for her son.
And today I went over to a friend's house to photograph the blue and white quilt with a posh camera. And I got a good photo of 'When Heide met Sally' at the same time.
I quickly just used the generic software to clip this one, but if you click on it, at last you will be able to see it closest to it's real colours and effect.


  1. You are definitely the queen of feathers. that is beautiful!

  2. Sally, why on earth do I ever click on your photos to enlarge them? I just get sicker and sicker with envy at your skill! :-( It's absolutely gorgeous!
    Rosemary K

  3. That is a really good picture of it. Well done. Was it taken outside? It looks really sunny.

    Now you've got the good picture when will you be producing the postcards?