Saturday, 5 April 2008

a little bit more

Thursday was lost in my search for a mattress. Currently I have the worlds most comfortable bed which is a combination of pocket springs and memory foam. My back has never been so good. The downside is not only have I reached the time when I am hot at night but also the memory foam makes me hot in it's own right. I thought latex would be the answer but trying to find one of these to test drive meant a trip into London, or and this seemed the better option a trip to Steph's (she of the cakes) and take my own pillows with me.
So we had lunch, I tested the mattress for about 20 minutes (no heat but too firm for me) and then we hit the shops.
The matress hunt goes on.
A little sewing got done yesterday but DD had friends over and they all went to the pub and then a nightclub and because DD had not remembered her keys, they had to wake me up to let them in at 2.30am. Bless!
I thought I'd try taking photos outside to see if I could get the colour of this quilt as it really is. The first shot shows the progress, the 2nd nearly shows it's true colour but the wind wasn't cooperating.

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  1. WOW - those feathers are STUNNING!! I've been working my way through the Patsy Thompson DVDs and my aim this year is to tackle feathers :)