Monday, 21 April 2008

This is what today's post was supposed to be

My ornamental apple tree is in blossom. This little tree is delightful, it's little crab apples are bright red and stay on the tree all winter like Christmas baubles.
My sister bought me this acer for a birthday. It's five years old now and still not very large. It's supposed to reach 20' in ten years. By the end of summer the leaves are green and then go red again in autumn. Normally the backdrop to this fiery red is the cool blue if the ceanothus.

Now this is the story of the princess and the pea. Or rather the tale of the new mattress. I know it's my age but the most comfortable memory foam in the world made my night time hot flushes intolerable. The hunt went on for a replacement, and this new one is the same with pocket springs but with latex on top. The mattress shop told me they had a fabulous delivery team who would take the old mattress downstairs and put the new one on the bed.
Guess what, they delivered the new mattress upstairs but never offered to remove the older one let alone take it downstairs.
So poor DH and I when he came home from work lifted the old one off (memory foam is very heavy) and put the new one on the bed. We put the older matress on the landing but it was in the way. Solution, or so I thought was to put the old one under the new.
You can see I now need these steps to get into bed. Very comfortable but I'm sure I can feel a pea somewhere........
Steph is coming over next month to help with the redecoration of the bedroom, not a moment too soon.

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  1. Trust me this picture doesn't come close to showing how hight that bed was.That is a significant set of steps.