Sunday, 27 April 2008

The promise of things to come

This year has been a disappointment in the quilts I've managed to achieve so I've decided to 'go for it'. I'm entering a quilt into a show and I have to have a photo for identification in the post by Tuesday so I've done this little sample to for the photograph.
Fliss has a delightful friend, Libby. Libby asked if she could have one of my quilts. 'Of course' I said, 'get your mother to buy Peace #1' (grin).
She asked again whilst I was on the phone to Fliss last week and I said 'yes'. I heard Libby in the background doing a happy dance and felt quite guilty when I knew I was going to say, 'get your mum to buy Peace #1' again. Sadly she thought for just a few seconds I would make her one. So I have, I just finished off that little sample of the Blue and White feathers and bound it. She won't be able to wrap it round herself but she can hang it on her wall.

The tree fern is just starting to show it's new fronds in the centre of the trunk. They look like hairy little puppies trying to break out at this stage.

And my tree peonies have huge buds, I can't wait!

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