Saturday, 19 April 2008

Binding and sleeve

When I'm binding a quilt, I roughly pin it in place with a fold in the conrners.

I do this to ensure the joins in the binding do not hit any of the corners.
I add the binding with my walking foot. I move the needle to the extreme right and then make myself a little paper template. I stitch it in two directions to the corner so I have a template of where to stop before I fold the binding over to go round the corner.

When I'm making a sleeve, I cut the fabric at 9" (I know 8½" would be enough but who ever heard of a quilting being rejected for the sleeve being a little large?) I lay it at the top of the quilt and cut each end just off the edges of the quilt. Why use a tape measure when you need it just short of this measurement.

I then fold the ends over to the wrong side twice and because the walking foot is still in the machine, it's quite nice to use the edge of that slit up to the needle as a guide so the stitching is close to the edge of the fold.

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