Friday, 11 April 2008

Something quilty

Just to show I have been doing something quilty. I got one feather done after Will left on Wednesday, two yesterday and almost one today. Yesterday I got one of the new fence panels painted and today only about half of one as we had very impressive hail , so much so it was mentioned on the radio as it affected the motorways.Most of my life seems very mundane this week. Meeting a lawn guy, arranging another to give a quote, washing, supermarket shopping, you know how it is..
I forgot to mention on Monday, one of the local quilt groups turned up with 10 quilts for the children at the women's refuge. Aren't quilters wonderful!


  1. absolutely beautiful...just amazing.

  2. Beautiful color. And I see you paint yours before do I. I admire those with the guts to paint after quilting, but I also worry aboutsquishing the loft of the batting if I did it after when you heat set the paints, inks or what ever I use at the time.

    Your feathers are beautiful!