Saturday, 26 July 2008

Blog integrity

Yesterday I was very surprised to get an email from a US supplier/publisher asking me to recommend their new products on my blog.
I am very saddened by this. If I ever recommend anything at all, it's because I think it's great and it works for me. I will never be induced to support any product or service for any other reason.
I'd like to think the blogging world is free of this sort of thing.
I'm saddened more than anything else.


  1. I think that most bloggers are of the same mind - the others are easy enought to spot!

  2. So did they think to offer you a stack of their products to try and suggest you mention any you like on your blog? Or is that too sensible and honest?

  3. my partner runs a motorcycle blog which seems to atract a lot of these offers, including a special conditioner designed for bikers beards!! We both feel that it goes against the grain.