Tuesday, 8 July 2008

What do you do when

your daughter tells you she has spent the day swimming with alligators and piranhas? (And then has a piranha for lunch?) Followed by a phone call from the fraud department of the bank saying they think her card has been misused. And despite having set up full power of attorney over the said account they won't speak to me. By the time I get to the bank in town to sort out whatever has happened, I KNOW she has been kidnapped and had the pin number taken from her against her will. She came up with the brilliant scheme of keeping the account really low in funds and when she needs more she texts me to transfer some over. By the time the local branch sorted it out enough to let me talk to the fraud department, I'm a little calmer and transfer some funds over. It's not for another three hours do I hear she is safe and well.

So what what do you do? You quilt and quilt and quilt and it's all but done, yeah! I've found three small places I've missed and for some reason the lights in the sitting room would stay on last night so I couldn't do my stint of burying threads. Shall I finish it today? Or shall I start on the other one and save the burying of threads to this evening? Decisions, decisions.

Because I have an over-active imagination plus the PTSD, I don't do stress very well. Even the tennis on Sunday was too much and I had to keep leaving the room...

Have a great time in Rio Fliss! And next time don't tell me you are going paragliding until afterwards.


  1. I have an overactive imagination too and I am much better off not knowing what my kids and grandkids are doing until afterwards.

    Burying threads sounds like a pretty calm activity.

  2. WOW! Quilting is definetly a way to deal with stress, but I think in those situations I would make so many mistakes it would not be funny. My thoughts are with you!