Wednesday, 30 July 2008

We'll be at the airport tomorrow picking up Fliss. It won't be until she is in my arms shall I start breathing properly again. She's had the best time and for that we are pleased. I am her Mum and I just need to hold her.
These are one of my two favourite fruits, raspberries being the other. Spending my teenage years in Queensland meant these were never on the menu and now I love it when both gooseberries and raspberries come into season.
I just rinse them, pull off the brown end and snip off the other. Place them in a saucepan with no water except that what is left on from rinsing, and some sugar.
I heat them gently on the simmer plate and very soon they are ready. We'll have them tonight with a little fresh cream.
And the colouring is coming along on the dire quilt.


  1. The coloring on the quilt is looking fantastic!

  2. Pooh I want gooseberries now. They are a good memory form my early childhood. I would grow them but we have caterpillars that eat all the leaves every year.

  3. I have seen several quilts that are colored. It is a very interesting art. I had never seen it before. Looks great! Something I may have to try.

    Karen in IN

  4. My daughter used to eat gooseberries like they were grapes. They used to grow wild maybe still do.

    I love your quilting and I think the colored quilt is wonderful. Something I want to try.

  5. That quilt might be dire in your opinion but I think it makes a very pretty quilt for a little girls bedroom - worth persevering with. The gooseberries look delicious - one of my favourites too especially in a pie, second only to bilberry pie for me :o)

  6. Mmmmm - raspberries... gooseberries... memories of a Tasmanian childhood ... The downside to fresh raspberries was that in season we had to pick them twice a day, arguing all the while over who was picking faster /slower /eating more, etc... and the canes are very scratchy on your arms.