Sunday, 20 July 2008

Day in the South West-Part 2

So OK these guys are not natives (grin), we went to Longleat one of the British country homes which have to have a safari park in the garden to make the place pay for itself. These two are on the bonnet of our car.
I adored these little chaps climbing over the cars. I felt this little baby had the look of ET about him

There was no option but to go slowly as the jumped from car to car and ran around on the road.

Of course some parts of some cars were just too irresistible to play with.

Looks like a good place to sneak into.

Quite comfy really.

A phantom pregnancy perhaps, but Tigger?

It was worth the trip just for the fun these chaps delivered.
Our car survived intact but I don't think I'd have minded much if it hadn't.


  1. I can almost hear Steve McQueen revving up that motorbike as we speak - talk about the Great Escape

  2. And that's why we don't take the car to Longleat. We always go on an organised bus tour.

    Love and hugs Gina xxx

  3. LOL What monkeys!!! - love the look on the girl's face in the Discovery..."What was that!? hmm I think I heard something..."

    My DH says he won't take the car through a safari park...I can see why now!

  4. No way would I take a car through there! I suppose, on the other sad hand, I will never get the chance!