Friday, 11 July 2008


I've had a couple of comments about the amount of patience I must have.
Let me tell you I haven't (grin). When I start quilting a large piece I find it exciting watching how it turns out. That stage doesn't normally last too long. Then there normally follows a period when I get in a 'zone' . It becomes like a form of meditation, enough concentration is required to not make mistakes but my mind wonders.
Lately I've been considering global warming more and more seriously. I suppose this has been prompted by the talks in Japan. Back in the 70's I was one of the first students to study the environment and our effect on it. Back then we thought we had 150-200 years to sort it out. Now I've heard one source saying if we don't get things under control in the next ten years climate change will be irreversible. This might be right or wrong, there is too much to take into account to be certain. I am aware that the rate we are burning fossil fuels is already killing people in the third world. I'd like to think I am not responsible for the death of another but can I really say that any more?
On another note, I'm past half way on the other quilt. I got a phone call this morning from France, apparently they wanted a CD AND photos, got that sorted out and then another hour later a 2nd call, I hadn't included the expiry date of my card. This man had the most delicious French accent and I appeared to be a total moron (grin).
This is Fliss last week at Igazu. She does look like she's having the time of her life doesn't she?

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