Thursday, 10 July 2008

Thank you

Thank you for keeping your fingers crossed.
This is when I'd pinned 3 and a half sides. I've found I can get down on my knee but only if I kneel on the very top of it. A couple of times I moved and landed on the bit I can't kneel on. Imagine some one putting hot needles into a really bad toothache. Exquisite pain. I gave myself a break for an hour then went back and finished it off, going round several times, each time stretching the quilt a little further. And now it's fully blocked and doesn't need to be steamed.
I have two fans blowing on it and it's very nearly dry. The cotton sateen is quite fine and the Hobbs wool batting dries pretty quickly too. I'll leave it overnight, then trim it to it's finished size.


  1. I'm so happy this has worked for you. Whe-e-e-e-w!! You can take a big breath now.

  2. Sally, your quilting is beautiful!
    Good luck in the quilt show.