Wednesday, 16 July 2008

I know this is illogical but

Fliss's phone couldn't get charged in Brazil because the world wide mains adapter didn't fit into a socket there. So after the batteries ran out we had Facebook for communications. Then on Sunday she got a bus to Sau Paulo then flew to Lima, Peru then onto Mexico City and then on to (this was the bit that 'got me' ) somewhere near the border of Guatamala. She'd managed to get a note to me from Peru and then nothing. I know flying is probably the safest part of this trip but I'm her Mum and I just need to know they have landed safely.
Thank heavens this morning I got a message to say they are in Palenque and are planning to see the ruins.
For anyone else who has a child going on a trip round South America, a few things I've learned. Firstly I thought there accommodation would be dire. Not so. On the Pantanal they had hammocks by the pool for resting in the daytime , in Rio a Jacuzzi and right by the Cocacabana beach. This is the only place so far that is basic. Very basic. No windows but a gap between the walls and the roof for ventilation.
2ndly, US dollars are fairly useless in Brazil and Argentina but fine in Mexico. Travellers Cheques might be fine but if you are under 21 the banks won't cash them.
Have full power over your child's bank account and keep the account very low. They can text you when they need money transferred over. Get them to have a credit card as an extra for emergencies and to keep it in a different 'safe' place about their person.
It's hot in Paleque, very hot and if that's their biggest problem, I'm happy. They get on a bus to Guatemala today.
15 days and she'll be home and I can breathe again.

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  1. It sounds like she's having a wonderful adventure, but being a mother, I know the feelings that you are having. I'm sure you will feel like you're holding your breath for the next 15 days. There does seem to be a special guardian angel watching over the young.