Friday, 25 July 2008

Remember this guy?

Here he is on the pole of the bird feeder.
I bought one of those ultra powerful water guns and we waged war with each other. I kept it loaded on the bedroom window sill and managed to squirt him a few times but not often enough to stop the blighter.

Now the pole has white lube on it. I couldn't find the camera in time but the funniest sight of my life was watching him try and try and keep sliding down. I looked at getting a baffle but a, they are very ugly and b, very expensive for a bit of plastic. The metal ones were so ugly I wouldn't even consider one.

On the sewing front, Malcolm from Sewfine turned up yesterday morning with my other Aurora back from service and took the other away. I feel very lucky to have such wonderful service and to have two machines so I always have a back up (three if I count the 1260)


  1. ROFLOL I can just see him grabing and sliding. Even without a pic. OMGosh how funny!!

  2. Wish I could have seen it. He is sure a plump bushy tailed fellow compared to our little squirrels here. They are just as pesky though.

  3. that lube is a wonderful idea! bet he got a mouthful when he had his evening bath! :-)

  4. Now sprinkle/throw/blow or otherwise stick cayenne or chilli powder onto that gunk. Chilli powder doesn't affect birds but squirrels hate it. It stopped all visits last winter and I haven't seen any tree rats recently anywhere in the garden. Our biggest nuisance now is pigeons and magpies, and like you, Sally we have two high powered water guns at the ready. Just don't let the neighbours see you, or worse, don't hit the neighbours ¬:}