Wednesday, 2 July 2008

I didn't expect that reaction

I went to a lovely quilter's coffee morning this morning. Sadly I couldn't stay very long, I have to catch up from yesterday. They were showing the quilts they had made as a group for the local women's refuge, had a raffle quilt for a local hospice, some books and fabrics for sale and the best brownies I've ever eaten.
I took my strippy along to give them a preview and one lovely lady welled up with tears because she thought it so lovely. She admitted to being quite tearful anyway but I was touched. She was the lady who gave the formal 'thank you ' at the end of the talk I gave earlier in the year and she told me she had difficulty saying it for the same reason. If you're reading this, know I'm chuffed!

I cry quite easily. Most particularly when I hear one of Fliss's friends sing. Her voice send shivers up and down my spine.

On one of the internet groups I read, a question was posed as to whether or not to tell someone why their quilt had been rejected. My feeling was how I would have reacted personally to 'When Heide met Sally' the quilt I use as my masthead for this blog. It hasn't been rejected but twice out at shows it has won no ribbons nor even a judge's merit. When it has been to shows it has a crowd round it. I think it my best work to date (and the least successful). Do I want someone to tell me what's wrong with it? In this instance no, it would be like someone telling me my child was ugly. My other quilts I could live with healthy criticism but not this one. It has my very soul in it and as they say about graves, tread on it lightly.

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  1. Hi, I wanted to say that I think your quilt in the masthead is glorious. I love the color and the quilting design.

    I hereby bequeath it with the "Gene Likes It" award.

    Yaay Sally!