Saturday, 14 July 2007

Better photo

This is a little bit better. The colour is better at least. I think there is another problem with the stitching confusing the camera, you know yous sometimes see the same effect on newsreaders suits or their ties.
Vicki W kindly left a comment about using grey. I found a silk duster jacket I have which is shades of greys plus black and white. I think this colour has come through more.
I've been hunting the manual but you know what they're like, they expect you to be totally aux fais with your old SLR before you can even start. (and I didn't buy the SLR version)
Enough! tomorrow is another day


  1. Hi Sally

    This photo is much better, obviously the grey worked. Are you using the same thread polyneon on both the feathers and the inling?

  2. Hmm that is interesting. Yesterday in the other photo I prefered the right hand one.I think because the colour was stronger in it. Now I can se them better I like the one on the left. It is more alive and interesting. Is this because you didn't mark that one?