Tuesday, 31 July 2007

New fabric arrived-Tree of Life

I've always had a thing about the Tree of Life. Perhaps it goes back to the Indian Tree china we used at home when I was little. I've been searching panels for a long time and found them at Reproduction Fabrics.
This fabulous panel is printed in Holland using the very very best processes and it shows. Gorgeous quality with a slight glaze. Nicer than some in the V&A.

These next panels were a surprise in that they are English by a company named Fabric Freedom in London only I've just seen they are based in Bradford with the designers in London. This makes sense as Yorkshire is the textile heart of England.

On the website they don't show the two cream colour variations. I'm a little doubtful about the mauve bark on the trees but I can live with it. (grin) The photo above is one colourway and the two below are the other, with the toning print.

So many of the old frame quilts (medallion) had a special print in the centre, I had almost given up finding a suitable one.

And then there was the perfect Turkey red. This colour is right unlike all the other supposed Turkey Reds I've bought. If I were being really picky, the print lies on top of the fabric rather than driven into it, but the colours are right. Perhaps the green in the print not quite so right but then the original greens were fairly dire. This one is by Blank Textiles.

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