Thursday, 26 July 2007

Machine trapunto with the lengthy cutting and an ooops!

There are a couple of dangers when cutting away machine trapunto. One is getting careless and cutting the wrong bit! You can see I cut out the wrong diamonds a couple of times. I'll fix it with sticking down with glue stick. The other is cutting through the front fabric. I have done this and had to get very creative with a fix. But not on this piece.
This is the sample piece. It's a quarter of the middle, with a bit of extra grid on the side. I'm doing this sample because some one asked what backgrounds am I going to use and I realized it would be better to do a test run to see if any stretched the fabric too far or shrinks it in to much.

You can see that with no trapuntoed grid outside the circle how it is gathered. I shall try a couple of different background fillers to see if this shrinks it in, I'll also try a bit of the grid with no trapunto.
This cutting away on just this quarter of the middle took two evenings. (our evenings are somewhat short as we generally don't have dinner until about 8pm).
I did a bit of cutting away at the Guild Area day yesterday as well. It's one of those jobs which take time and whilst not needing 100% concentration, 90% is good (grin).

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