Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Patsy Thompson feathers effort

This is an example of 'more haste, less speed' I should have spent more time choosing the background fabric, more time evening out the curves and more time choosing the fabric not this 'dead' colour for the background, choosing different threads and/or different colours to show up on it. Still if you don't make mistakes, you don't learn and learning's what I enjoy (well perhaps not like this). I actually shocked Marion the other day by saying I would not finish this piece. I ALWAYS finish what I start eventually. Well I shall continue working on it but not with the aim of finishing. I shall use it as a large sample to play with thread and colour.

You can see here where I had to mark the outlining with a pen before sewing it so I could get the over and under right.
I think the concept of this piece could have worked if I hadn't rushed it. You live and learn (the downside is this is a lesson I learnt many years ago (grin)


  1. first comment on your new blog! those feathers are lovely --

  2. Goods to see your wings haven't been totally clipped - great to see your work for its inspiration value - keep blogging even without Harry Potter references :o)

  3. I have just discovered Patsy Thomson's Videos! The Fun with Feathers is fantastic!!
    I have always been iffy about attempting free motion feathers butI am having a ball with them.
    Loved yours sally!

    Elma in lochwinnoch